bitumen emulsions

What is Bitumen Emulsion

The Bitumen Emulsion is the dispersion of small asphalt droplets in water. Used emulsifiers to achieve a stable dispersion which can be stored for weeks or even months. Bitumen and water are separated and the bitumen is connected (binder) with the existing substrate while water is evaporated.

          What we Achieve with Bitumen Emulsion

Using asphalt emulsions, for construction and road maintenance instead of hot asphalt or other bitumen solutions, we achieve the following:


Significant energy savings due to lower application temperatures
Increased durability of structures because of the efficient coating of surfaces.
Work Acceleration due to easy application
Avoidance of certain component failures.
Ability to cover water surfaces
Reduced emissions to the environment.
Our Products

Cationic bituminous emulsion KE-1 (fast disintegrating)


Cationic bituminous emulsion KE-5 ( slow disintegration)


Cationic bituminous emulsion KE-1S