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What is the Modified Asphalt with Polymers (PMB)

The modified bitumen with polymers (PMB) is a specially designed asphalt, used to build roads with heavy traffic conditions to withstand the extreme weather conditions. The modified PMB, is a normal asphalt with added polymer, which gives excellent strength, high tenacity and fatigue resistance of the road surface, making it a favorable material for the infrastructure of roads.

When a polymer is added to the normal asphalt, it becomes elastomer, providing additional flexibility. The polymer added is styrene butadiene styrene (SBS), which acts as a modification factor. The primary objective of the SBS modified asphalt is to offer additional life to pavements, roads and construction projects. Some of the properties shown by the modified bitumen with SBS is:

1.High resistance

2.Higher stiffness

3.Increased deformation resistance

4.Increased resistance to cracking and stripping

5.Resistance to water and high temperature variations



ALMOD PMB 25/55-70


ALMOD PMB 25/55-75


ALMOD PMB 45/80-65


ALMOD PMB 60/90-50